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EvoDynamic for Software Engineering Leaders

My last three contracts were with companies looking for one more developer – staff augmentation. When I got there I found I spent 20% or more of my time helping transform their systems and processes to improve their software delivery results. That got me to thinking how can I take that 20% and serve more companies in a better way. My challenge is, their mindset is that they think they just need another developer. 

If you’re interested in High Peformance Software Engineering Teams, please get on my list below:

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My Current Beta Concept: Software Engineering Leaders Mastermind

I’ve been involved in and led a variety of mastermind groups over the years with this general definition:

A mastermind refers to a group of highly motivated individuals who meet to encourage, challenge, and assist one another.
I’m having conversations to find 8 participants for a 3 month beta mastermind group for 8 software engineering leaders to do just that as a proof of concept.
  • weekly meetings (60-90 mins)
  • goal setting with accountability
  • spotlights for each person 1/month ~20-30 minutes
  • nurturing a relationship environment that extends through the week beyond the weekly meeting
  • sharing wins, latest and greatest discoveries, and expertise
  • pointing out blindspots and sharing the truth with compassion even when it might hurt.
Is it masterminds, online courses, consulting that transforms w/o just being staff augmentation, something I haven’t considered yet as the best way to use my gifts to help and earn a living.

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