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EvoDynamic: Not your typical software consultants

Here are some things you'll come to expect when working with a Software Consultant:

  • We get to know YOU and YOUR buisiness first. We care about your entire business.
  • We find solutions for YOU before trying to build one. That's what differentiates a Consultant from a Developer. You come first, not a new development project.
  • YOU get a fixed price for projects. No hourly billing, not negotiating form more hours because the project isn't done yet.
  • YOU get a functionality guarantee.
  • We use a Design/Build process. Together we know exactly what is being built before we Build.

Customer Testimonials

Scott Beebe

Small Business Coach
My Business on Purpose

"I had a problem that morphed into an idea and EvoDynamic magically turned it into a sellable product!"

Kathy Brunner

Career Designer, Author/Speaker, Coach
Kathy Brunner