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Is your business still using Excel spreadsheets?

Sending emails to your team to "take the ball"?

Did you miss the arrival of the internet age?

Are you still listed in the yellow pages?

Have you noticed that Millenials only use Google and they only do business with companies with a quality web presence, a mobile friendly site?
What's better than that? A mobile app.

Do you have an app idea and don't know how to design and validate it?


The world wide web is flush with applications and tools to help with your productivity and workflow but you don't have the time to try them all out. You struggle getting your tools to work together and even more to get your team to use the tools you've chosen. You can't find the spreadsheet or Google doc you need. Time to make a change.

Has your inbox become your todo list? Do tasks and customers keep falling through the cracks? Is your team ready and eager but hanging out not knowing what to do or where to start? Time to make a change.

Is your budget too small for a recognized tech expert on your team? Are you the tech expert for your team? Are you spending your time working IN your business instead of ON your business? Time to make a change.


Not the other way around!

Spreadsheets are out and databases are in. Paper checklists are out and automated workflows are in. Hand holding owners and managers are out and empowered and self directed team members are in.

You need technology tools to streamline your business, enable your team, and serve your customers BUT you don't need to pay for "developer's hours." We all know that hours don't equal value. Working applications and efficient systems provide value. It's normal for development teams to come back and ask for "more hours." Just because it is normal doesn't mean it's right.

You need to know the value of the product you are purchasing. You're buying software and solutions! Never get caught again buying hours from some team of developers that may or may not deliver. Having all the numbers when you make a technology decision makes your job easy.


Learning all this stuff takes time. Teaching it to your team takes even more. Time is your most valuable comodity and needs to be used wisely. Its time for you to get access to a connected and seasoned technology veteran. Someone you can talk to on the phone and get a swift email response from.

You don't need a full time programming expert but you deserve the experience and value a full time pro provides. You need a real human being that understands where you're going and provides the technology tools for the road you're on and communicates it in simple ways.

You need a company and a team that knows what they're doing. You need a company that sells you value for a defined price, instead of selling you hours and always asking for more.

EvoDynamic designs solutions with your company and gives you a set of options with up front pricing to deliver value to you with no nagging and negotiating about hours.

Click here to email me, then briefly tell me what you're trying to do or what is slowing you down, standing in your way, or stopping you. If I have some solutions or advice that would help, I'll let you know. I'm on your team.

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Developed Soutions for: Epic Single Track Mountain Bike Racing, Coloraod Defense Lawyers Association, United Methodist Church, Winter Park Competition Center, Team Duluth, USSA Central Division, USSA Central Region 1, USSA Central Region 2