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EvoDynamic: Not your typical software consultants

Here are some things you'll come to expect when working with a Software Consultant:

  • We get to know YOU and YOUR buisiness first. We care about your entire business.
  • We find solutions for YOU before trying to build one. That's what differentiates a Consultant from a Developer. YOU come first, not a new development project.
  • YOU get a fixed price for projects. No hourly billing, no negotiating for more hours because the project isn't done yet. We all want the project done NOW.
  • YOU get a functionality guarantee.
  • We use a Design/Build process. Together we know exactly what is being built before we start, and we talk to YOU all along the way.

Customer Testimonials

Scott Beebe

Small Business Coach
My Business on Purpose

"I had a problem that morphed into an idea and EvoDynamic magically turned it into a sellable product!"

Kathy Brunner

Career Designer, Author/Speaker, Coach
Kathy Brunner

Clare Wilson

Assistant Treasurer
Memphis Conference
United Methodist Church

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