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Idea Formation

We engage with creative entrepreneurs like yourself to gather and document all their ideas into an idea web to help visualize the big picture of the software venture.

MVP Identification

We take an idea web for a software product and guide you to defining the biggest value in the smallest part of the idea to define the minimum viable product.

Clickable Mockups

With an identified MVP we build clickable mockups to assist you in refining and validating your product with minimal cost and effort.


We can create an info pack and a presales strategy to help you fund the development of your product using $$$ to validate the idea.

Prototype Development

One step beyond or a substitute for a clickable mockup we often use for simple products is a quick prototype. It has a higher cost but has actual functionality that users can implement now.

Mobile Application Development

With a defined and validated product we can build a Mobile Application with you using an Agile Scrum Process.

Web Application Develpment

Often accompanied or led by a Mobile Application.

Platform Application Development

Even in todays market and industry, specific locally installed applications still have a role in business and life.

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