EvoDynamic WordPress Site Launch

Two Sites Launched for You

WordPress is simple and easy to install and launch and you could do it yourself. It's not something you do every day and you just want your site up and running and ready for your team to use. We'll launch a new WordPress site twice on your host. Why twice? Because WordPress is so easy to learn by using that you will have a TEST version of your site to practice with, to test drive posts and pages, and demo plugins without affecting your live website, consider it a playground and a real live site--separate and distinct.

Along With Some Elegant Themes

Do you know what a "plain" WordPress site looks like? They're getting better every year but they still aren't all that graceful nor elegant. As part of your relationship with EvoDynamic, you can select three themes from Elegant Themes to be installed on your site along with any of the Elegant Themes Plugins just for allowing us to launch your site.

Your First Plugin

Every hosting company backs up the sites they host but they do that for them. You need to set up your own backups to protect your site and your content. As part of your launch we'll install the JetPack plugin that effetively and affordably backs up your site along with a suite of other features. We recomend their Personal ($39.00/year) or Premium ($99.00/year) when you're getting started. Sign up for Jetpack and we'll set up your backups as well.

Free Now ($200 value)

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