WordPress Maintenance: Updates & Backups

Complete Site Backups

It is so easy to install a bad plugin, or delete the wrong file, or use a weak password. Also your host backs up your site right? But that is for them not for you. What do you do if your site goes down? You need to backup your files and database on a regular basis. But that distracts you from your business.

With our WordPress Maintenance plan we install a Personal Version of Jetpack on your site and during our weekly maintenance on your site we assure that the backups are being made. In the case of your site breaking, we can install one of your previous backups. Once again leaving you to focus on your business.

WordPress Updates

WordPress is a framework that runs most websites in the world. It's popularity has come from its great features and ease of use. There is a highly skilled team of individuals improving and securing it on a daily basis. Most issues of a hacked WordPress site are the result of users not keeping their site up to date with the latest updates and security patches.

We've got our eyes and ears on the pulse of WordPress. We check your site weekly (and more often when we hear the buzz) for the latest WP updates.

Plugin Updates

There are lots of plugins out there. I mean lots. It seems every day there is a plugin that I need to update on our sites. This is another potential hole that can be exploited to bring your site down. It is important that you use only reputable plugins that have followed the correct development process to keep your WordPress safe. You must also update your plugins on a regular basis.

We check your site weekly and update your plugins so you can keep your eyes and ears on your business an not worry about your blog.

Test Site

You're probably scared of WordPress and plugins now so you need to know of the last feature of our maitenance package, a test site. We install a second site "test.yourdomain.com" on your hosting provider where you can play around, lets call it your site playground. You can install plugins and try them out, write some articles or posts, just experiment and see how things work without endangering your production WordPress website.

When you brake your test site, we can just refesh it from your production site.

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