School Spirit Vending App Concept

As a software entrepreneur, I'm always looking for problems but not only problems I'm also evaluating systems that seem to be just fine. Whether it is a problem or a system there is usually some tool or process improvement that brings value in a solution or a more efficient system. Along my path of searching, I found SSV through my Iron Sharpens Iron All Hands group. Since December 2016, I've been developing an idea along with Anthony Witt.

We've started desinging a tool to help the entire SSV franchise. To assure that it brings value to the franchise, we are designing it bit by bit and using an agile system (one that makes many and swift changes to improve and test the app).

I'd love to have you follow along. Please fill out the form and we'll keep you posted along the way as develop the application with you.

Phase One: Driver App

We've just released a mockup of a driver app to help facilitate route drivers in SSV and more efficiently gather your stock and sales data. Here's a video walk through of the app idea for phase one:

We'll be taking direct feedback at and

Beta Driver App Functional Mockup

Beta Franchisee Functional Mockup

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